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They are private law foundations established by individuals (among which university professors) or legal entities (among which the universities themselves or the higher education institutions themselves), aiming to assist and promote research, teaching and extension projects of the others. higher education institutions, public or private, and scientific and technological institutions.

Muraki provides institutional support to the Universidade do Estado do Amazonas - UEA, performing the administrative management of projects in the areas of teaching, research, extension, among others.

To participate in the courses, contact the executing institution, as informed in the communication channels. Muraki only performs the administrative management of the projects.

Not. As a support foundation, Muraki's purpose is to support the administrative-financial management of projects, conducting the purchasing, import, personnel, accountability processes, among other activities.

Not. Muraki must acquire from the contracted company through the supplier selection process.

Not. There must be a quotation for the selection of the lowest price practiced, with the exception, only in the acquisition of goods and contracting of exclusive services, provided that this exclusivity is proven.

In support of university extension, Muraki manages human and financial resources for courses and teaching, research and extension projects.

Muraki's work covers all phases of the project: from registration, with the dissemination, submission and evaluation of works, attendance to participants, payments, collections and all financial management.

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